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    Art & Design: Two Careers in One Lifetime

    KK Hand in Light in Forest

    I love painting animals and nature. I am charmed by old fashioned pen and ink drawings with watercolor, reminiscent of Beatrix Potter’s work. This style is great for children’s books and light-hearted illustrations of animals. I have been doing a lot of both lately. As it turns out, this is great fun for me because I love watercolor, animals and child-like exuberance with color.

    In the meantime, I am trying to come to grips with painting in oils. They are so different from watercolor, but so compelling. I switch back and forth between the two mediums. Who knows where that will take me? I have no idea.

    I am driven by two things: nature and color. I love working with color in any medium – watercolor, oil, acrylic, spray paint – you name it. As for nature, I simply love the outdoors, the environment, this amazing paradise of a planet we live on. I travel everywhere with a camera and always see things I want to recapture in a painting. Landscapes, vegetables, animals, flowers, trees, water, birds, bugs, whatever…the natural world is my thing.

    KK and Lotus at art board

    Before painting for a living (or at least trying to make a living!), I worked in the commercial design world. I am an award-winning creative director, designer, art director, and artist. My career spans over 30 years in the advertising/branding, design, publishing, and arts industries, including extensive work with artists and designers around the world.

    After graduating from the University of California at San Diego, I began my career with a book publisher and then moved on to advertising/branding agencies. Since then I have worked in California, North Carolina, and New York. My professional experience expanded to include corporate communications, point-of-purchase and packaging, graphics for clothing and signage, and product design/development. I spent years in my own design business in Charlotte, NC, and later as the Creative Director for an international foundation in New York. There I directed design and production of a monthly magazine, books, promotional and collateral materials, audio materials, and a wide variety of products sold in retail stores around the world.

    I have received many regional and national design awards, including design excellence recognition in Communication Arts and Print magazines. I also have gold and silver Addy Awards, and Pica Awards for excellence in concept, design, presentation and printing. My portfolio is cumbersome because a lot of it precedes the digital universe and I am definitely NOT going to take the time to scan all that stuff. So it sits in my closet. Oh well…

    I have been married to Christopher, a very non-artist (but art-loving) CPA for over 30 years. And we have awesome pets: Hawkeye, the most wonderful Australian Shepherd ever!, and two ninja kitties, Sage and Lotus. That’s pretty much my story.

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