Kathie Kemp Studio

Prayer, blessing and wish for courage and strength. This painting is a visual prayer that includes imagery symbolic of strength, courage, fearlessness, lion-hearted, and steadfastness. All the images in this painting, as well as the colors used, draw from traditional paths of wisdom. The flame, oak trees, lion, rocks, and hillsides all speak to courage in the face of life's ups and downs.

Printed on Epson archival acid-free heavy weight bright white smooth art paper using 9 archival Epson inks. These are top quality prints. Packaged in clear acid-free cello sleeve and comes with a written description of the painting and their significance in drawing courage and fearlessness. This is great for anyone who wants to draw these qualities into their life or wish them for another.

This reprint of an original watercolor is from a series of symbolic paintings. The other pieces in this auspicious series are also offered in my Etsy shop: Grace, Joy, Longevity, Love, Prosperity, and Tranquility.

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