Kathie Kemp Studio

Prayer and blessings for joy and happiness using symbols from various traditions that bring joy. Best wishes gift or reminder for yourself using hummingbird drawing nectar from a peach, jasmine flowers, butterfly, acorn, sun rays and celtic runes that all symbolize happiness.

This is a reproduction of an original watercolor painting. I designed a series of paintings based on symbolic images drawn from traditional paths of world wisdom. This piece is based on happiness, joyfulness, and the fulfillment of hopes & dreams. From the rays of sunlight to the hummingbird drawing nectar from a peach blossom to the butterfly flitting on jasmine blossoms to the acorn and viking rune symbols in the sun, this piece brings joy just to look at it!

Printed on Epson archival smooth heavy weight art paper using 9 Epson archival inks. This is a top quality giclee print. Each piece is packaged in clear acid-free cello bags with a written description of the images in the painting and their significance in drawing joy and happiness. What a great gift or a fabulous, inspring piece for yourself!

I also have the other paintings from this auspicious series available through my Etsy shop: Courage, Grace, Longevity, Love, Prosperity, and Tranquility.

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